Naomi's Photoshoot- El sesion de fotos de Naomi

This is Aviana.  Here are the rest of the photos I took over the past couple of days of Naomi. I am having a lot of fun practicing my photography.  I took all of these with my mom's Google pixel 2. I think we both improved during the process. Both creatively and photography wise, the shots improve as they progress. Naomi did a very good job posing for all these shots. They are all unique and capture some of the emotion associated with each place. Here we have disclosed the whole collection. Enjoy! <3

First Photo we took in front of this cool wall

N. posing in front of a colorful mural on the calles

In front of a very colorful tienda

This is one of our favorites

Naomi loves horses

This is the first collage we compiled

Soon after, we made a second

We were both very proud of this action shot

This seat seemed photo worthy

Naomi the monkey

A third collage

Again, Naomi loves climbing

Vertical panorama

This is another favorite. We are now in our apartments courtyard

Here we started experimenting with filters

The collages were a hit

Naomi likes trees

This photo took many shots to get it straight

This one is just great

This collage was a favorite

This flower was a co-model

This photo was a hit

Naomi likes this photo a lot

Another collage

This plant looked photogenic to us

This wall is colorful

A casual, yet elegant pose 

This one is a very colorful collage

Naomi requested more plant photos

This one was a favorite taken in the courtyard

We like that the shadow and Naomi aren't in the same position 

Another person staying at our apartment complex suggested this angle

In front of one of the doors

This was a favorite

A simple, but very kidically (Kid critically) acclaimed one

This was also a favorite

That is all so far. Bye!


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