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The Alcazar in Sevilla (and Video #3)

Aviana and Naomi's third video is (finally) ready.  More to come this week.  This video is about the beautiful Alcazar in Sevilla. The Alcazar was truly spectacular.  What the Cathedral lacked in warmth and life the Alcazar made up for in spades.  The grounds themselves are incredible, with an extensive (and surprisingly fun) labyrinth.  The buildings with their hand-painted tiles, extensive detailed plaster work and archways impressed the kiddos.  They definitely preferred the whole experience to the cold "spooky" enormous cathedral. We have also learned that one major outing a day is pretty much all that kids are cool with. After that it feels more like punishment than sightseeing.  Here is a selection of photos of our visit to the Alcazar. More to come later this week! We are all missing our friends and family but we are starting to feel at home in our apartment. It is nice to be in one spot for an extended time.

Naomi's Photoshoot- El sesion de fotos de Naomi

This is Aviana.  Here are the rest of the photos I took over the past couple of days of Naomi. I am having a lot of fun practicing my photography.  I took all of these with my mom's Google pixel 2. I think we both improved during the process. Both creatively and photography wise, the shots improve as they progress. Naomi did a very good job posing for all these shots. They are all unique and capture some of the emotion associated with each place. Here we have disclosed the whole collection. Enjoy! <3 First Photo we took in front of this cool wall N. posing in front of a colorful mural on the calles In front of a very colorful tienda This is one of our favorites Naomi loves horses This is the first collage we compiled Soon after, we made a second We were both very proud of this action shot This seat seemed photo worthy Naomi the monkey A third collage Again, Naomi loves climbing Vertical panorama This is anot

Aviana's Overview of the past few days

Hello. This is Aviana. I just wanted to write about my experience of the last couple of days. Specifically the Church/Cathedral thingy, the Churros, the Ice Cream, and my photography skills. (The most important things so far. Obvi.)  First things first, the Iglesia del Salvador. Initial impression, annoyed with ticket lady for being bossy. Second impression, impressed, and simultaneously uncomfortable. There were a lot of paintings of Jesus's bloody body, (More than I found necessary) and for some reason a human bone in a jar???? Structurally, I was blown away. Because of my immense interest in architecture, I was dumbfounded by the detail in each square foot of space. After adjusting to the somewhat eerie environment, we went into the museum part of the building. That was when Naomi (And frankly, me as well) lost it. The paintings were very detailed and gruesome, and once we got to a HUMAN BONE in a jar, she was just doing everything in her power to leave. Once we stepped o